There has been a lot of discussion about the consumerization of IT. You have heard this from Citrix through our initiatives around BYOC and Workshifting. We are very excited to report that we are now working with Microsoft to deliver solutions that address enterprise needs around this changing desktop paradigm.

Why now? Because both companies truly acknowledge that the workplace and workforce dynamics have changed – this has huge implications for IT. For example:

  • User Expectations: User expectations from IT, their devices, and their apps have increased. Employees now expect technology at work to be as good as their technology at home. They expect to be able to go to any website and get instant access to apps when they want them. And they expect enterprise IT to deliver this service.
  • The changing workforce: A new generation of employees are entering the workforce. These employees have entirely different expectations from IT. For example, employees want to bring their own PCs, smartphones, slates and other devices to work and use these devices to get their work done. They want to be able to run a few errands during the day and make up that work time at 2:00 am.
  • Work/Life Blur: Work styles have evolved to a point where the lines between work and life have blurred. Users want access to their apps from any device, any location. They want the ability to work on a spreadsheet for work and then be able to check Facebook instantly. They want to be able to store the pictures of their weekend trip next to their planning reports for instant access. The separation between work and home no longer exists when it comes to computing.

From an IT perspective, we have heard that this is scary stuff. Questions around security, manageability and compliance are just a few of the questions that keep IT folks up at night. Now is the time to start having these conversations. And on March 11th, we are doing just that.

Hear the leadership from Citrix and Microsoft, as well as from customers, talk about how enterprises can start to address their employees’ demands around technology and the workplace. At this event, you’ll learn about:

  • How the changing workplace and workforce dynamics affecting current users and IT
  • The joint solutions from Citrix and Microsoft that address these issues
  • The benefits other enterprises are seeing from the joint desktop virtualization solutions from Citrix and Microsoft
  • What ‘s next for Citrix and Microsoft partnership

Experts include:

  • Gordon Payne, SVP and GM, Desktop Division, Citrix
  • Brad Anderson, CVP, Management and Security Division, Microsoft

Come and listen in to what these industry executives and thought leaders have to say opinions on the current state as well as the future of desktop virtualization!

Don’t miss it!

Date: Thursday, March 10, 2011
Time: 12:00-1:00 PM EST

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