Are you tired of browsing the myriad of Citrix web sites looking for XenDesktop Planning Guides, Reference Architectures or Scalability information?
Do you what to stop spending hours searching for these kind of guides again whenever a new product version is released?
Are you looking for a central page where everything just sits there ready to be downloaded?

Then I have some exiting news for you!

The XenDesktop Design Handbook ( or is exactly what you where waiting for. It contains the latest and greatest Architecture Planning Guides and other deep-dive technical content, it is constantly maintained by Citrix Consulting Architects and – to make it even better – you can follow it to get notified whenever content is added or modified.

Furthermore (and this might finally knock you out) the XenDesktop Handbook can be easily taken offline using a simple Java application, that also checks for new content and syncs you local store to make sure your always up to date.

Too good to be true?

Here is what you need to do:

1. Fire up your browser and open (for basic access)
2. Log In to the web site using your MyCitrix credentials (top right corner)
3. Click the Follow button for automatic notifications
4. Click the Enable Offline button to sync it to your local device
5. You will notice a yellow pop up at the top of you browser window

6. Click on the link to see the kits available for offline usage

7. Click on the Launch ToGo button to start the download of the Java based ToGo Client application.
8. Once that’s downloaded it will start up automatically (you also see a new icon within your Start Menu)
9. After you authenticated the app will start syncing the whole kit to your local hard disk

10. When the download is complete, you can access all content from within the application even without an internet connection.