February was an interesting month.  Besides a record-setting snowstorm over President’s Day weekend, we’ve continued to try and provide information that will help you design your XenDesktop environments. The topics have been wide, ranging from XenDesktop 5 scalability to the one of the biggest discussions with XenDesktop 5…. PVS or MCS.  In case you missed the fun, here is a recap of the past month on how to Virtualize My Desktop:

XenDesktop 5 Scalability: This is a big one. I’ve gotten so many questions about it since XenDesktop 5 was released. 

  • Part I: Controller Scalability - How many desktops can one controller support?
  • Part II+: coming soon but you can bet there will be scalability discussions on SQL Database, PVS and MCS.

PVS or MCS: This multi-part series discusses this new decision point about the imaging delivery solution you should be using for your designs. 

Power Management: Many have been wondering why XenDesktop 5 desktops aren’t starting at the rate they did in XenDesktop 4. And once you think you have it figured out, it works a little differently for a different type of desktop.

XenDesktop Design Handbook: Are you using the handbook? Then you probably noticed the latest additions (by the way, more coming soon):

  • Logon Optimization
  • XenDesktop Migration Guide
  • SQL Database Sizing Guide

During March, the discussion will continue, especially around the PVS or MCS debate and XenDesktop 5 scalability. Stay tuned for more

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