For those Millions of iPad owners who need to get access to their PC or Mac from anywhere the iPad version of GoToMyPC is now available ! This means anyplace you can get WiFi or a 3G signal is a place you can get some work done, or perhaps just pay a bill in Quickbooks or find a document you need to send someone. The iPad has done wonders for users wanting to travel light, it’s no big deal to bring along an iPad on vacation or a fast trip. The problem has been that even though there are thousands of apps for the iPad, the one app or document you always seem to need when you are away is the the one you don’t have. It’s usually right on your PC or Mac back at home or work.

As GoToMyPC users know it’s a time saver and huge convenience to be able to get to their PC simply and not deal with routers and security risks by opening ports or other methods. Bringing this flexibility to the iPad will be a boon for work shifters everywhere.

The iPad App works great and includes many native gestures like multi touch zoom and pan. The App is free if you already have a GoToMyPC account, if not you can get a 30 day trail account and connect to any PC or Mac. Note the iPad App is a viewer only and can not be the host.

With GoToMyPC you can get to your PC from anywhere … even if its only the backyard..