I was mountain biking this weekend; enjoying the sunny day after a couple of weeks of rain and damp weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  These days I have lots of ways I stay in touch with people, and collect and store information around my hobbies and business activities.  I’m sure many of you use the same applications to manage your photos (I use SmugMug) and social networks, though I have a distinctly different set of friends on Facebook and LinkedIn so I share different information with the two groups.  I also use a Garmin GPS that tracks my precise route and health information.  I have a couple of ways to let people know where I am, like Foursquare, and I have a lot of applications that I use for every day business.  Aside from the typical enterprise and productivity apps, like Outlook and SAP, I have something like a dozen SaaS apps that I use to manage and extend our business around the Startup Accelerator.

It’s funny because I thought the web was going to unify all these stovepipe corporate apps and, to a degree, it has.  But now fifteen years after the web hit the commercial world there has been a huge proliferation of SaaS apps and now app stores.  So how do we manage all these apps and information in 2011?

Today the Citrix Startup Accelerator is announcing our first investment in Primadesk, who “makes your online life easier to manage”.  Primadesk is launching at the DEMO conference Monday so checkout their presentation. Even better, check out their Fotolink application: it illustrates the power of having a single interface to all your online applications.  While this Facebook app focuses on photos (it is amazing to see all my friends pictures in one place!) it demonstrates the power of being able to move and manage any information or documents over and across sites. 

Keep an eye on Primadesk as they bring their full interface to market this year where you can find your personal cloud content, wherever it is, and in one single search.  Drag, drop, delete, and organize documents and photos from one location, and backup your cloud data at the level of your directory, album, or even the entire account.