No one prepared me for what I was about to experience the first time I attended Citrix Summit in 2009. At the time, I had recently joined Citrix so I was still learning about our product mix and for that matter, absorbing the Citrix culture. Well, let me tell you, Summit is the pinnacle of product training and intense culture converging into an electric forum with partners clamoring and hands clapping as Mark Templeton takes the stage during his opening keynote, all the way through to the partner appreciation party — a rock’n, ‘thank-you for all that you do’ swinging good time.

Sure I heard about major corporate conferences packed to the gills with folks who were super charged to be there, but couldn’t anyone have given me a heads up that Summit wore the crown and would be the talk of the town? C’mon. Then again, being pre-briefed probably would not have made a difference because I’d be thinking ‘sure it’s like that’ and guess what? It is.

So if you haven’t experienced Citrix Summit yet, what are you waiting for? Not only is the lineup of training and sessions focused on virtualization, networking, and cloud computing going to propel you to transform your customers’ business from traditional to virtual computing, Summit is where Citrix culture shines with presenters and industry experts who are not only passionate about Citrix products and technology, they are passionate about partners.

It’s a rush, it’s educational, it’s networking, and it’s for you.

Citrix Summit 2011