With XenDesktop 5 we now have what I like to call “flexible desktops”. In previous versions of XD you only had an option to create pooled or assigned desktop groups, extending this further, we were able to take an assigned desktop group and configure the desktops to be pre-assigned or assigned on first use. This was nice but we could only assign desktops to user accounts….

XenDesktop 5 introduces some nice improvements in this area and allows us through PoSH to assign dedicated desktops to IP addresses and Clientnames as well as User(s), with the latter configured as normal through the management console – Desktop Studio.

The cmdlet that can make all this happen is Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop. Just type help Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop -full to find out everything you need to know about this cmdlet.

In the screenshot below you can see the two highlighted options:

To assign a desktop to an IP address just use the following command:

Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop – MachineName <String> -AssignedIPAddress <String>

If you want to assign a desktop to a machine name then use the following:

Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop – MachineName <String> -AssignedClientName <String>

Finally, if you want to remove the assignment(s) just use the $null arguement:

Example: Set-BrokerPrivateDesktop – MachineName <String> -AssignedIPAddress $null


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