In the Citrix blog community, most people probably recognize me as a “XenDesktop marketing guy” (especially since Harry Labana’s recent post has renewed interest in a blog I wrote some time ago). After launching XenDesktop 5 and then working briefly with the outstanding XenClient team, I’ve moved on to another new adventure – the new Cloud App Delivery Product group.

I have to admit, when I first opted to move off of product marketing for XenDesktop, I got a lot of confused looks. The product went from being just an idea to being the industry leading solution for desktop virtualization in a mere two years – why would I switch now?

Three years ago, I made a similar choice, switching from the XenApp team to launch what would become XenDesktop. I made a bet on a new space and a new team to try to build a new product – an “internal startup.” So when the opportunity came along to do the same thing, I jumped at the chance. Not only is it a chance to once again go into “startup” mode, but it’s at the junction of arguably two of the hottest spaces around: desktop virtualization and cloud services.

As Scott Swanburg describes, we’ve now got an entire product group dedicated to figuring out how to make cloud-hosted apps and desktops a thriving business for Citrix Service Providers (CSPs). In addition to providing a flexible, value-packed licensing program, we are going to tackle some interesting technology and market challenges as we tailor our industry leading desktop virtualization technologies to the cloud provider space. We’re kicking off the year in style with the acquisition of EMS-Cortex – and that’s only the beginning.

Our goal is to enable instant enterprise computing power for everyone – even if you’re a small or midsized business, with the help of a CSP you should be able to work from any device, anywhere, just like the largest Fortune 500 firms. So that means simplifying and automating workflows (like Cortex Cloud Control Panel does), ensuring that HDX continues to excel at cloud WAN scenarios, enabling management of apps and desktops at cloud-scale, integrating with any cloud infrastructure, and working with other popular SaaS providers. We’ve got incredibly talented teams across Citrix that we’ll be working closely with to leverage their expertise – and where we find gaps for our service providers, we’ll figure out how to close them.

So, even though on the Citrix Systems, Inc., org chart it might look like we have a relatively small team, in reality we’ve got a virtual team across everything at Citrix, including XenDesktop, XenApp, OpenCloud, NetScaler, XenServer, and more – and don’t be surprised if you see a Citrix Online-inspired tactic in there for good measure!