As most of you know, Mobile World Congress took place last week in Barcelona Spain. Estimates are that over 60,000 visitors attended from more than 200 different countries. Over 50% of the attendees held C-Level positions, with more than 3,000 CEOs in attendance. So why the record crowds? Because being mobile is the next big thing. Citrix was in the house, or should I say in some of the 8 huge conference centers that make up the show, with a number of our mobility partners. Did I mention this show was B I G?

“The record attendance to this year’s Mobile World Congress is indicative of the impact and importance of mobile in not only technology and telecommunications, but across nearly all facets of the private and public sectors,” stated John Hoffman, CEO, GSMA. “Mobile truly is leading a transformation in how the world communicates, how business is conducted and how people live their lives. We are very proud of the contribution that the GSMA and the Mobile World Congress have in furthering this transformation.”

With almost 1,400 exhibitors we were on a mission to meet with existing and find as many new partners as possible at the show. All I can say is this place was BIG! A few pictures of some of the things we found at MWC below:

Samsung Booth, always cool new devices

Citrites showing off Citrix Receiver for Android in the Samsung pavillion.

Can’t wait to get one of the new Samsung 10″ tabs. Gus liked this one, but we’re both still trying to totally figure out the new Honeycomb UI, but loved the hardware.

Motorola Atrix

Nirvana phone in the house, sporting the new laptop docking station!!! Tons of attention was generated by the Atrix.

The NVidia team getting their first look at what their killer processor can do when teamed with Citrix Receiver on a Motorola Atrix. Ya gotta love the smiles as they spun around a 3D CAD document using the power of the Tegra

RIM booth with pre-release version of the Receiver for Playbook

HTC always has cool stuff

Connected to a virtual desktop from an HTC7

Sneak peak at the new HTC Flyer 7″ tablet with inking capabilities (I think we’ll need a new virtual channle on Android )

LG Optimus 2X with HDMI out to a large flatscreen running Citrix Receiver connected to SolidWorks CAD Viewer.

ZTE v9 running Receiver

Probably our favorite, not sure of the name or model, but it was a 40″ Android phone in the Google pavilion. What we do know is that it won’t fit in your pocket and that Gus wants one

Video here

See Ya’ll at CTIA in Orlando in March