Céad Mile Fáilte…

That’s Irish for welcome btw – Well, it actually means a hundred thousand welcomes but that’s just how the Irish roll

Get to the point already I hear you say.. ok ok, just wanted to share a couple of observations on the funky new welcome screen that you get with XD5 (one of the new featuers of the new VDA v5). See below:

1. It is enabled by default but can be disabled by Group Policy if desired:

-User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Don’t run specified Windows applications (WelcomeScreen.exe)
-WelcomeScreen.ADM (available from XD Forums)

2. You can play with it and have lots of fun…

Just browse to the %SystemRoot%\Program Files\Citrix\ICAService\Content dir on your VDA and go for it!!!

Heres one I made earlier…

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