At Citrix, we have been advocating virtual computing as a simple and easy, and effective and efficient way to enable “workshifting” – moving work to the most optimal place, time and device.

There was a time when most of us were anchored to the office (place), tethered to the physical workstation or PC (device) and bound to the 9-5 office hours (time). The boundaries were clearly – but rigidly – drawn around where we work, when we work and what devices we use to perform our work. Fast forward to 2011: A recent Citrix survey underscores that working anywhere and everywhere is the new normal:

  • 87% of organizations allow working outside of your office
  • 79% of you work outside the office one or more days a week
  • 98% are “much more” or “just as” productive working outside of the office
  • 64% use three or more devices on a daily basis.

As we choose to perform our jobs at the time and location and on a device of our choice, we are becoming the “Everywhere Employee”. Working remotely is no longer something just a few of us do… it’s become part of everyday life for MOST employees. An insurance agent will work at his optimal place – closer to her customer. An executive may respond to his CEO’s request using her Android or iPhone without leaving her kids’ soccer game. A consultancy firm will setup a temporary office closer to client’s location, enabling consultants to access their apps, desktop and data at the new location faster than they put up the tents and cubes! A mining company or an offshore drilling firm will allow their employees access their apps, desktops and data in hostile, unfriendly locations… certainly not your typical IT cubicle. A multinational corporation will set up branch offices closer to where resources and skills are available, markets are growing faster and cost structures are friendlier.

With over 60% of employees working outside the traditional headquarters, these everywhere employees are no longer chained to a place, device or time.  They want to feel right at home whatever place they work from, on any network they connect to, on whatever device at a time of their choice. This certainly drives increased productivity, employee work-life balance and customer experience.

To make the everywhere employee “feel” right at home everywhere, she needs a virtual desktop that looks, feels, acts and performs like her physical PC, even over a wide-area network (WAN). Desktop, app and network performance all become critical to deliver a delightful experience for such employees.

Virtual computing makes all of this possible. It encompasses a broad gamut of computing paradigms: virtual meetings, virtual desktops and apps, virtual servers, virtual networks, virtual storage and the uber virtual infrastructure… the cloud.

Today, Citrix is taking another major step toward making these “everywhere employees” feel right at home… even when they are working miles from headquarters over a wide area network. To make this a reality, Citrix today announced an updated XenDesktop Platinum Edition that now includes HDX WAN optimization, powered by the breakthrough Citrix Branch Repeater  VPX technologies. For millions of employees who increasingly depend on the WAN to get things done, this is very good news indeed.


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