When? February 16th 2011, 3pm GMT (10am EST)

Everyone likes something for free….. If you’ve ever downloaded free XenServer, then you’re in good company, because over 150,000 people have done the same. The trouble is….. do you ever get a sinking feeling when using XenCenter? You know the one? Like when you look down at the blanking plate on the dashboard of your new car and wish you’d paid the extra for the Air-Con option!

Well, luckily you won’t need to feel that way about XenServer, because upgrading to one of the premium versions is as easy as clicking a few buttons!

Next week, me and Steve Benton are running a special Master Class “XenServer 101” Webinar. We’re going to be diving into all of the great features you can trade up to, including HA, VM Workload Balancing and our new Distributed Virtual Switch. There’s even something for the complete newbie, because we’ll be covering what’s in the free version of XenServer too!

We’re planning for the session to last 1 hour but after that comes Master Class “Extra”… We won’t stop until you drop! Ask questions and we’ll be there to help you figure out the answers. We’ll also be doing demos on demand and you’ll even get chance to win a prize!

I look forward to seeing you there! Register here but be quick… we already have over 700 registrations!

If this is the first time you have heard of the XenServer Master Class, please follow the official XenServer Facebook fan page, LinkedIn group, and Twitter feed. That’s where you’ll find the latest XenServer news, information and events.

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