What’s new with XenServer Workload Balancing? 

Well, in case you don’t already know, the XenServer Workload Services team is currently knee deep in porting the Workload Balancing over to Linux.  Not only will WLB now be on Linux, but the new version will be a virtual appliance.

What does all this mean to XenServer WLB customers? Quite a bit…

  1. No more Workload Balancing installer
  2. No more operating system and database licensing
  3. No more need to satisfy installation prerequisites
  4. No more database configuration
  5. Simply download the virtual appliance from citrix.com, import it to a XenServer pool, start the appliance and answer some basic questions.  Voilà – your XenServer Workload Balancing server is up and running.

I look forward to posting more information about the WLB Virtual Appliance as we progress through our engineering efforts.  Please check back when the the public beta program is announced.