Visit Citrix at RSA Conference USA 2011

Cybercrime. Malware incidents. Data breaches. Compliance legislation. Today’s changing security landscape means you can’t leave anything to chance. You need a balanced perspective. You need to separate speculation from fact. One event brings all the security issues, answers and thought leaders together. RSA Conference 2011 will feature over 350 leading information security companies and Citrix will be there.

Booth 1843: Venafi and Citrix have partnered to create a turnkey certificate management solution. Venafi works intricately with the SSL offloading, Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition (SSL VPN) and Application Firewall features integrated in Citrix NetScaler. NetScaler has been tightly woven with Venafi Director for automated key generation and distribution. Administrators can set up NetScaler hardware and virtual appliances to work closely with Venafi Director in the generation of keys, configuration of certificates, provisioning and installation of these on NetScaler. With Venafi and NetScaler, organizations can scale encryption deployments and management functionality across the enterprise. Venafi supports hundreds of thousands of keys and certificates worldwide while NetScaler powers over 10 gigabits of SSL traffic per appliance with 2048 bit keys.

Booth 332: Using Cenzic solutions with NetScaler deployments is a fully validated and straightforward process. Initially the Hailstorm or ClickToSecure solution performs an automatic security scan to identify any weaknesses within the tested web applications. The administrator then receives a detailed vulnerability report to initiate remedial action. The detected vulnerabilities are exported from the Cenzic product to the NetScaler Application Firewall module via an XML file. After receiving the rules, NetScaler automatically generates policy settings to protect the application and bind the Application Firewall profile within minutes. No additional configuration or learning is needed.

Booth 1725: RSA and Citrix have collaborated to integrate RSA’s Adaptive Authentication with NetScaler AAA system for Citrix Access Gateway (SSL VPN) and web applications. The Adaptive Authentication Integration Adapter from RSA is a Java web application that gathers device forensics and fingerprint information from client browsers and forwards it to the Adaptive Authentication Web Server. The Adapter lets administrators incorporate additional invisible and visible authentication methods as a secondary authentication to complement the primary authentication of NetScaler against standard user identity systems such as Active Directory or LDAP. The Adapter collects data from users for situations in which additional authentication is required, further protecting portals, applications and networks behind a firewall. The Adapter has been fully tested and validated to work with NetScaler (version 9.2) on all editions including Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition and NetScaler Application Firewall.

Booth 2552: The NetScaler web application firewall works on the application layer, seeking and blocking attacks against specific web-based applications. Sourcefire 3D® Sensors serve as a second line of defense, identifying threats and changes to protocols, operating systems, and database servers and passing critical information from the Sourcefire Defense Center® management console to Citrix NetScaler to reconfigure security policies for increased protection. For example, Defense Center can trigger a configuration change on the Citrix NetScaler appliance to block a machine or machines that Sourcefire identifies as malicious. On Sourece 3D systems, a Citrix NetScaler Remediation module would perform an ACL command based in the information provided by the Sourcefire 3D system. Remediations execute when the rules included in a compliance policy and associated with that remediation trigger, violating the compliance policy. When the compliance policy is violated, the Remediation subsystem launches an instance of the associated remediation.

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