I love a good survey – especially those that reveal some surprises about common perceptions and behaviors – and our latest survey does not disappoint. Last week, we asked you to provide your opinions about the workplace in 2011, and you all had a lot to say! In just four working days, we gathered nearly 350 responses from around the world. This strong turnout is a sign that we’ve struck a chord with a number of people!

Now for the findings. We asked a variety of questions in this survey about how and where you like to work, as well as the devices you use for both work and play. In a nutshell, you told us:

1) …that working anywhere is the new normal. You can work from anywhere, just like you can bank and shop from anywhere, and get your jobs done more productively than ever.

2) …oh, how you love your devices. Tablets, smartphones and, of course, laptops – you name it, we use it. In fact, we no longer rely on a single device; most of us are living in a multi-device world, and we’re swapping devices between home and the workplace – whatever will offer the most flexibility and productivity to help us do our jobs.

3) …the majority of us see value in clouds, but it’s still too early to proclaim winners among the vendors. Most of you are waiting to see what evolves in the next year or so before placing too many bets. One thing is for sure: the debate over “proprietary” versus “open” cloud platforms (aka access to “single” versus “many” clouds) is sure to rage on in the year ahead. I’ll certainly be watching these developments with keen interest and will report back in future blog posts.

Here are a few highlights from the survey results. Click here for the full results and graphics.

  • 87 percent of you work outside of your office, with 52 percent working from anywhere one to two days a week, and another 27 percent working from anywhere three days or more per week.
  • 77 percent are “much more” productive working outside of the office, and 21 percent are “just as” productive. Only 2 percent are less productive.
  • 75 percent of you perform all or most of your everyday tasks, such as banking, restaurant reservations, shopping, etc., online via a device, NOT in person.
  • 67 percent use personal consumer devices at work, and 87 percent of those people are “do-it-yourself-ers,” i.e. you take care of your own IT needs rather than relying on IT to manage the device or install new apps.
  • 64 percent use three or more devices on a daily basis. We are no longer a one device society!
  • 87 percent of you still travel with laptops, and 23 percent of you now travel with tablets as well (I wonder what the number will be next year?)
  • 80 percent see value in cloud computing now or in the next few years, with 37 percent of this group currently accessing apps from the cloud every day.

Do these numbers surprise you? Or perhaps you are nodding along in agreement, recognizing how devices, places and clouds are changing your life forever.

For all of the survey results, click here.

Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. I’d like to congratulate Cynthia Borbon, who wins an iPad for participating in this Citrix survey!

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Whether at Synergy, via our next survey, or in response to this blog, please keep your comments coming!