Just over a week ago, we asked you to provide your opinions about the workplace in 2011, and you all had a lot to say! In just four working days, we gathered nearly 350 responses from around the world. For more on the survey trends see my survey highlights.

Here are the results:


How many of your everyday tasks – such as banking, restaurant reservations, shopping, customer support – are done on a device (smartphone, tablet or computer) versus in person?

Who is the first to bring consumer devices (like the iPad, iPhone or other smartphones) into your enterprise for everyday work?

Do you use your own personal consumer device at work?

If you use your own personal device at work, do you rely on IT to manage the device and install new apps, or do it yourself?

When traveling, what device do you take with you so you can work? (check all that apply)

 What devices are you buying for personal use AND also using at work? (check all that apply)


How many devices – such as desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones – do you use on a daily basis?

 What type of laptop or desktop does your company provide you?


Is working remotely acceptable in your company?

How often do you work outside of your office?


Has flexibility to work anywhere, anytime enabled you to be more productive? *CLOUDS*

Do you see a clear value in cloud computing?

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Do you see any company as the clear leader in cloud computing today?


If you are an IT professional, do you plan to standardize on a proprietary or open cloud platform?