Citrix will immediately enable webOS consumers with access to Windows apps
Today, Hewlett-Packard announced the first webOS powered tablet devices that are expected to launch later this spring. Citrix Receiver once again is planning to be there on Day 1 with a version of Citrix Receiver to support HP’s webOS powered tablet devices, just as we have been with all important mobile device (iPad, Galaxy Tab, Google Chrome laptops, etc.) and new distribution channels (Mac Store), over the past 18 months. Citrix Receiver is a lightweight software client that will turn any webOS device into a powerful business tool by providing secure Enterprise access business desktops and any Windows, Web or SaaS application. The immediate benefit for webOS consumers is that Citrix will make webOS devices enterprise-ready by securely delivering access to the existing ecosystem of Windows based apps: Citrix Receiver will instantly enable new webOS devices for the enterprise!

The latest proof point in our commitment to make every device enterprise ready
Citrix Receiver support for HP’s webOS represents another milestone in delivering on our vision to provide easy-to-use secure access to business desktops, apps and docs from any device. With the addition of Receiver on webOS powered devices, Citrix will add yet another mobile platform to the impressive list of platforms and devices already supported – including Citrix Receiver versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, Java, Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. Whether your preferred computing device is a PC, Mac, laptop, netbook, tablet or smartphone, Citrix makes you productive from anywhere on any device.

Citrix continues to deliver on its commitment to give consumers choice by embracing the consumerization of devices trend and making it easier than ever to empower the IT enterprise to say “YES” in letting employees access their enterprise apps using any device, anywhere to be more productive. Citrix and Citrix Receiver are enabling the “Bring Your Own Device” revolution. Simply stated, Citrix Receiver is a win-win for both consumers and IT!

Don’t forget about the Developer benefits!
With the introduction of webOS into the tablet fray the battle for developer mindshare will only get that much more difficult. As an ISV which mobile platforms will you prioritize? iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, webOS; so many to choose from? The benefit of the Citrix Receiver architecture is that Enterprise IT doesn’t need to make that decision. Deploy your Windows applications and let Citrix worry about the client!

Try it for yourself: two million downloads and counting…
Users have already shown their enthusiastic support for Citrix Receiver with over two million downloads, making it one of the world’s most popular free business apps. As I noted in a blog posting a couple of weeks ago, as the number one free business app since Day 1 on the recently launched Mac App Store is just the latest example of the overwhelming market acceptance of Citrix Receiver over the past 18 months. If you haven’t experienced Citrix Receiver, we would invite you to take a test drive on your favorite device via a Citrix hosted cloud demo and you will be up and running in minutes. As always, we would love to know about your experiences and to share how Citrix Receiver fits with your virtual workstyle.