Hi there,

I recently found some news and updates worth sharing with all of you.

For those who didn’t already know here comes a short hint that there’s a fantastic “Best Practices for Optimizing HDX Technologies for XenDesktop 4” paper

Another goodie is that the long awaited Hotfix for the VMWare VMXnet3 issues has been released

XenDesktop 5 is on all lips and press articles and blogs and webinars and and and etc. This is great but you have to know several things about the new architecture. XD5 introduces a new database (design) and therefor DScheck and DSmaint will no longer work, BUT there is a new tool out to check the Database, it’s called: XDDB Diag and it comes hand in hand with my new favorite tool : Session State Monitor

David McGeough wrote a short introduction what these 2 gems are good for.


and to save the best for last

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