Citrix and Aptimize introduce NS-WAX

Aptimize is a Citrix Ready partner with software products that provide extra website acceleration on top of NetScaler. We have just completed benchmarking of NetScaler with Aptimize Website Accelerator for NetScaler (NS-WAX) and will link to the benchmark results soon. In the meantime, here is some background on NS-WAX and steps for getting started.


NS-WAX is an on-server software product – installed on the web front end servers, and accelerates websites using content optimization (WCO), applying the following techniques dynamically in real-time:

  • Reduces HTTP requests by merging JavaScript files and StyleSheets into fewer files, creating image sprites for HTML images, inlining CSS background images and removing duplicate resource files
  • Reduces data traffic by shrinking (minifying) JavaScript and StyleSheets, resampling images, and removing redundant image metadata
  • Speeds up repeat views by turning on far-future-expires headers on non-HTML resource files – causing the browser to cache the files long-term. NS-WAX uses auto-URL versioning to refresh the cached files if they change on the server
  • Dynamic layout effects – techniques that display the page quicker, such as repositioning stylesheets to the top of the HTML, asynchronous JavaScript loading, and on-demand image loading – where only images within the browser’s current viewport are loaded initially.

These optimizations are all done on-the-fly, without any changes to the website.

See how fast SharePoint is with NetScaler and NS-WAX

Integration with NetScaler

Aptimize has added features to integrate with NetScaler. Server health reporting means server health statistics are published to NetScaler and can be used for dynamic load balancing – based on the current load of the server. In addition, Aptimize has special pricing for co-deployment with NetScaler.

Initial availability is for the Microsoft platform versions of Aptimize’s software – in particular SharePoint and ASP.NET. Aptimize’s software is widely adopted to accelerate SharePoint, with implementations including Microsoft who use Aptimize to accelerate and

Get Started

Aptimize NS-WAX is available by contacting Aptimize. You can learn more on the Aptimize for Citrix section of their website, or download a technical whitepaper for configuring NetScaler with NS-WAX here.

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