Congratulations to the OpenStack community on the birth of their second child! The Bexar release popped into the world today amid fanfare and some great announcements from partners and friends around the industry. Particularly exciting were the announcements from Cisco, Canonical, Grid Dynamics and Extreme Networks that they were officially joining the OpenStack community. This brings it to almost 50 organizations now!

John Purrier’s OpenStack blog post has the full lowdown on what’s in Bexar, so I’ll just run through the headlines quickly:

  • OpenStack Object Storage
    • Unlimited object upload
    • S3 API support
  • OpenStack Image Registry and Delivery service (Glance)
    • S3 backend support
    • New unified API and client library
  • OpenStack Compute
    • IPv6
    • Hyper-V as a compute platform
    • iSCSI for XenServer
    • Glance integration for XenServer
    • Windows guest support
    • Multi-tenant networking for XenServer

Thanks to everyone involved in the release, especially the teams from Rackspace, Anso Labs,, NTT, and FathomDB, all of whom have contributed to headline features this time around, and of course thanks to the various teams inside Citrix for all their efforts too.

So, what’s next? Well, there are two releases coming up – Cactus in April, and Diablo likely in July or August.

For Cactus we’ll mainly focus on stability, so that service providers have a mid-year release that they can start using in anger. We’ll still find room to get a few features in though – Citrix will add support for VMware vSphere as a compute platform, which will give us support for all three of XenServer, vSphere, and Hyper-V. Other people are adding multi-cluster support, a new scheduler, multi-VIF support, and a slew of new administration features for XenServer.

For Diablo, there’s nothing committed yet (we’ll discuss everything at the design summit first) but there are already a couple of really interesting design discussions going on – one around Networking as a Service and richer networking models, and one around multi-tenant accounting – and I expect both of those to form the backbone of the work for the Diablo release.

Speaking of the design summit, it will be right across the street from the Citrix office in Santa Clara, at the end of April. There’s a two-day conference and a three-day design summit, so there should be something for everyone (Details). Don’t miss out! Hopefully we’ll see you there.