This document will help Citrix Ready Partners understand How to Activate License code and download the Citrix Ready Demo Licenses they are entitled to.

Please follow the steps below to download the License.

Step 1: Login into – Click on “My Account” and Click on “Go to Partner Central”

Step 2: On the Partner Central page, Choose Licensing and Renewals and click on Partner Use Licenses

Step 3: Click on Partner Demo License.

Please note: Partner USE License has been discontinued, Please use Partner Demo License ONLY

Step 4: Choose the appropriate Citrix Product to download the Demo License.

Step 5: For example choose XenDesktop, Normally the License code will be hyperlink, once you click on the hyperlink the Screen should take you straight to Allocate screen and it should prompt for a Host name.

If its not a Hyperlink then please copy the Serial Number (License Access Code)

Please note: XenDesktop Platinum Edition includes XenApp Platinum/Enterprise Edition Demo License

Step 6: On the Partner Central page, Choose Licensing and Renewals and click on All Licensing Tools

Step 7: Click on Allocate under All Licensing Tools

Step 8: Click on “Don’t see your product?” Paste the License code copied from Partner Demo Assigned License and click continue

Step 9: Determine the License Server Host name and click on Continue to enter the Host name

Step 10: Enter the Host name of the License server and click Continue

Step 11: Upon confirming the Host name and other details you will receive stating that the License allocation is successful, click OK to Continue

Step 12: You will be automatically prompted to download the License file you allocated, in case if you have not, please select the check box next to Host ID to download the License file/s manually.

Please refer Citrix Ready Demo (NFR) Licensing FAQ for more information

Please refer to the Citrix Ready Program Benefits under the number of licenses allocated for all 3 Levels under Citrix Ready Program.

If you need any more information, Please don’t hesitate to write to