NetScaler VPX Express

I previously showed how to download and install the NetScaler VPX into XenServer. One of the most frequent questions we get regarding the NetScaler VPX is how to license the VPX for 1 year. The 1-year license is nice because you don’t have to keep fiddling with the license every time you want to go back to the lab and use the NetScaler. NetScaler VPX includes all NetScaler appliance load balancing/traffic management, application acceleration, application security (including Access Gateway Enterprise and Citrix Application Firewall), offload, AGEE, and load balancing for XenApp Web Interface and XML Broker.

NetScaler VPX Express supports SSL Offload; however, NetScaler VPX does all SSL processing in software, so NetScaler VPX will not offer the same SSL performance as NetScaler appliances. NetScaler VPX can easily support up to 500 new SSL transactions per second, and the same encryption ciphers that the NetScaler appliances use are supported. The main difference between the NetScaler VPX and NetScaler MPX appliances is performance and L2 networking on the VPX is done in the Hypervisor. NetScaler VPX Express throughput is limited to 1 Mbps (Full Duplex). If you need more throughput, just download a 90-day eval license for NetScaler VPX-1000 Platinum, here.


Max TPut NetScaler
NetScaler VPX Express 1 Mbps Free n/a n/a
NetScaler VPX-10 10 Mbps Yes Yes Yes
NetScaler VPX-200 200 Mbps Yes Yes Yes
NetScaler VPX-1000 1000 Mbps Yes Yes Yes


NetScaler VPX
Maximum HTTP Throughput 1 Gbps
New SSL requests/second 500
Maximum SSL encrypted Throughput 1 Gbps
Maximum HTTP compression 750 Mbps
Maximum application firewall throughput 500 Mbps

View the NetScaler VPX Express FAQ

Download NetScaler VPX Express & License

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