Sometimes it comes in handy to manage your XenServer via command line. Maybe you just want to perform some of the xsconsole functions. Here are some options:

From a Mac:

1. Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Terminal
2. use the ssh command to get to your XenServer. lets try an example where we are connecting with teh default root account on a host called xenserver-phx01 and password is MyPassword1

ssh -l root xenserver-phx01

You can aso specify a port if you were to change the default ssh port from the default of 22

ssh -l root xenserver-phx01 -p 8080

Here is a screen shot of the mac terminal accessing a XenServer

of course you can also run the xsconsole to get the Text UI:

The same commands apply to a connection from a linux machine.

Here are some screen shots from a windows machine using putty.

If you have many machines to administer among difference connection types Felix Deimel from (merged with VisionApp) has a cool tool called mRemote that you can use as well.

You can use the configuration console to enter the address, port username etc for connection.

Happy SSH’ing!