It’s been almost 4 months since I mentioned in my last blog to “stay tuned” for the Cisco Validated Design guide (CVD) for Cisco UCS with XenDesktop on Hyper-V and trust me, we have been busy testing at the Cisco labs since then. Well, I am glad to share with you that the CVD is now released and available here.  The report provides XenDesktop validation results and configuration details on Hyper-V for the Cisco UCS B250-M2 blades with 192GB RAM.  

As part of our testing, we successfully achieved linear scalability of one to sixteen blades by placing 110 Windows 7 virtual desktops with 1.5GB RAM on a single UCS blade, then 880 desktops on 8 UCS blades, and finally 1760 desktops on 16 UCS B250-M2 blades while keeping the user response time the same and very acceptable. The density numbers are really impressive obviously due to the large amount of memory in the blades.

To review all three CVDs (XenServer, Hyper-V and vSphere), please refer to the Cisco Validated Design Guides here.

Bhumik Patel

Principal Consultant, WW Consulting Solutions

Twitter: @bhumikp