It’s easy to complicate something simple.

Volume licensing starts out simple (register for a licensing program; buy product; use said product) but can become complicated, if not confusing (Easy, ELA, Education GELA, minimum requirements, initial orders, reorders…).

I’m often asked to either present Licensing or answer questions about a particular customer’s or partner’s issue.  Since there are thousands of Citrix partners and only one of me, I’ve published a series of Citrix TV spots to help you quickly get to the heart of the issue.

Newbies should start with the Licensing Program Overview.

Are you more experienced?  Delve into any of the other 6 videos to drill down on those topics.

Are you a volume licensing guru?  Better keep that to yourself or I just might send some of those questions your way.

There are 7 Citrix TV videos on licensing – let me know what the next one shoould cover.