Think about years ago when MFCom was needed to automate management tasks within XenApp farms. How many lines of VBScript Code were needed to publish applications ?
Today I will show you a very useful method for exporting and importing published applications using XenApp Commands without writing 50 lines of code.

It is recommended to install the latest XenApp 6 PowerShell SDK on your XenApp 6 servers.
Start a new PowerShell Session and add the XenApp PowerShell Snap-Ins

Add-PSSnapIn citrix.xenapp.commands

Export all current published applications to an XML file

Get-XAApplicationReport * | Export-Clixml c:\export.xml

For testing and development purposes you can remove all applications.
Notice: Never ever playing around with the following PowerShell command within a production environment.

Remove-XAApplication *

After the removing process you can import the applications back to the farm using the following command.

Import-Clixml C:\export.xml | New-XAApplication

To check if all applications are back, start the Citrix Delivery Services Console. If you have already started the console, run a discovery.