This Thursday Steve Benton and Lee Bushen are doing a master’s class on networking. This time they are holding it for the North American time zones. However, anyone is welcome to attend – and, of course, it is free. You just need to sign up here.

For those of you who haven’t attended a master’s class before, you’re in for a treat. These guys are a whiz at making what could potentially be <ahem> dry technical content lots of fun. In fact, I’ve seen the replay four times and I still laugh at their joke about servers.

Here’s what they’ll be covering:  

What’s new for networking in XenServer 5.6 Feature Pack 1 including:
  1. Introducing the new Distributed Virtual Switch technology.
  2. XenDesktop optimizations, including Intellicache.
  3. New backup and delegated management features.

For those of you who have seen the seminar when they held it for EMEA, I believe a lot of the content is the same. However, you’re more than welcome to call in again. The seminar is live and they will be answering audience questions.