Consumer devices and the enterprise are converging. Business users and IT are converging. Industry analysts predict that by 2013, 80 percent of businesses will support a workforce using tablets. By 2014, 90 percent of organizations will support corporate applications on personal devices. Just a few weeks ago at CES, tons of tablets were unveiled, and I blogged about all the various smartphones and tablets that are flooding the market and inevitably the workplace. Wow -consumer technologies are  changing how we want to work and where we do business, and putting new demands on IT.

It’s pretty clear businesses and users are wowed by the potential of using their personal devices in their jobs. But I hear lots of questions about HOW IT professionals and end users can realize the promise of virtual computing to make using such a wide variety of consumer devices a reality in their particular companies. For example,

  • HOW do I support an increasingly mobile workforce with the latest devices?
  • HOW do I deliver a self-service user experience?
  • HOW do I ensure data security across mobile and personal  devices?
  • HOW do I access work documents via my personal device?

If you’re looking for answers to these and other tough HOW questions, then you’ll want to attend Citrix Synergy in San Francisco this May. Citrix Synergy is the place where industry experts, Citrix customers, users interested in the future of computing, and many of your peers come together to discuss HOW businesses and users have more freedom and choice, and HOW IT organizations have the power to say yes to a growing array of new devices.  It’s the place where you can learn HOW to be part of the wow factor.

Last year, Citrix Synergy in San Francisco was standing room only, and Synergy Berlin  was a sold out event, so don’t delay. Sign up here for Citrix Synergy and learn HOW to embrace the consumerization of  IT in your company, and network with other users already using consumer devices to get their jobs done. Learn HOW to efficiently manage, deliver and secure applications and data from the datacenter to the end user. Learn HOW to enable remote collaboration in your workplace. Learn HOW to grow your business as employees adopt virtual workstyles.

We’ve been wowed. Now it’s about the HOW… and for a sneak peek, click here.

Let me know if you have HOW questions you want addressed at Citrix Synergy. I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!