Ok, so as I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, Desktop Studio (The new MMC 3.0 based management console) that ships with XD5 is built on the public Powershell SDK. Keeping this in mind, lets look at a few simple commands to help you get started on the road to unleashing the true power of XenDesktop 5…

Firstly, to see what XenDesktop has to offer and view a list of all available cmdlets; just launch powershell from within Desktop Studio (the advantage in doing this is that the XD snapins will be loaded automatically) and type the following command:

get-command -module Citrix.*

now, take a look through the list of cmdlets (might be a good idea to pipe it out to a txt file for quick and easy reference) and if anything piques your interest just use the help command to find out what it has to offer:

help get-BrokerDesktopGroup
help get-BrokerDesktopGroup – examples
help get-BrokerDesktopGroup – detailed
help get-BrokerDesktopGroup – full

Secondly, To load all XenDesktop snapins from within a seperate instance of powershell not luanched through Desktop Studio use the following command:

Add-PSSnapin Citrix.*

Now that you know how easy it is to load and list XenDesktop cmdlets I think its definetly time you come out of your shell, take the next step and face your destiny head on… scripting guru status awaits.

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