I am honored, with my first blog post at Citrix, to be able to write about some very good news: The newest version of Citrix Receiver for Macintosh, released on January 7th to correspond with the launch of the new Macintosh App Store, is the number one free business application download! Released just a couple of weeks ago, Citrix Receiver for the Macintosh has been downloaded over 20,000 times and has been profiled by Apple in the App Store as the premiere software solution for accessing Windows-based enterprise business applications securely on a Macintosh.

This is very exciting news for Citrix, the Citrix customer community and Macintosh users worldwide. With Citrix Receiver we have designed and delivered the most robust cross-platform tools for easy and secure access to enterprise infrastructure. For an end user the value is obvious: you can access your workplace applications, files and data from anywhere! (And by anywhere we truly mean from anywhere: your Mac, your PC, your iPhone or iPad, or Droid or Blackberry. Citrix provides the broadest device support in the industry and our commitment to you is to continue to broaden support to include virtually any end user computing device!)

For IT the Value is Even Greater!
Citrix Receiver provides a single software download that supports their existing enterprise infrastructure without any of the challenges of writing or supporting device specific code. Heck, for that matter, Citrix Receiver frees IT admins from having to uniquely support any end user device including PCs, tablets, mobile phones or anything else device manufacturers think up in the future.

Another interesting tidbit from the download data from the Mac App Store is that over 50% of the Citrix Receiver for Mac downloads has come from outside the United States. Citrix Receiver and XenDesktop infrastructure have gone global. The success of mainstream virtualization will hinge on worldwide deployments and adoption. Based on the initial Receiver download data, Citrix is having tremendous success in globally rolling out a new way of thinking about where and how people gain access to work resources and how they work. Clearly the desktop revolution has begun…

Oh, and you can download Citrix Receiver for the Mac from the App Store today!