Updating Pooled Desktops in XenDesktop 5 that is…

First thing you need to do is make the change to your master VM (Install software, patch…). Next just right click on your pooled desktop catalog and choose ‘update machine’

Click next on the overview screen and select your master VM which you have just updated. This is the VM that MCS (Machine Creation Services) will reference when creating the base VM which in turn is used to create the difference disks for each individual VM.

The next important step is to decide on a Rollout Strategy. There are a number of options you can choose depending on what type of update needs to be applied:

None (non-urgent update-next log-off)
Send message (non-urgent update-next log-off)
Restart Immediately (critical update-users logged off/desktop restarted)
Send message then restart after delay (critical update-warning to save data)

If you choose to select the last option ‘Send message then restart after delay’ you can send a message to your users similar to the one below:

by clicking Finish on the summary screen, you’ll be commiting the update and 5/10 minutes later(depending on the speed of your disks), your users will receive the warning and plenty of notice to save their work before their Desktop is rebooted and they receive the updated VM on next boot

P.S. If you run into problems with the updated VMs, have no fear. There is even an option to rollback and use the previous master VM image.

GnR said it best but I think you’ll agree. With XenDesktop 5, It’s so easy, easy…

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