If you use Visual Studio you have no doubt heard about a new project called NuGet. It’s a package manager/Installer for .NET libraries to be used right from within Visual Studio. A great way to get frequently used libraries into developer’s hand quickly and effortlessly.
Useful Information
For more information on NuGet you can check out the following resources
So on to why this is interesting for developers looking into using Citrix SDK’s. As we all know discoverability is a key aspect of starting to use any SDK/library, whether its developers that know about our SDK’s or developers new to our SDK’s, and that’s where NuGet comes into play. If you can’t find it, you cant use it right? Besides, it’s always a pain to have to jump out of a development environment, download some SDK’s, unzip them and then add references to my project,etc.
So why is this important? NuGet is cool, but what about the Citrix SDK’s? So here is it, there is now, published, an initial subset of SDK’s available on the NuGet public repository and available for you to download into your project, easy, simple and quick access to our SDK’s right from within Visual Studio.

Here is how you can do it.

First, you will download and install NuGet package manager. You can either download it from the link above or use the Extension Manager from within Visual Studio.
Once you have NuGet installed, there are a few ways to add the Citrix packages to your project.
The first way is to use the NuGet Package Manager UI.

From the Visual Studio IDE, you can access the package manager UI by going to the Tools -> Library Package Manager -> Add Library Package Reference

Once you start the NuGet Package Manager UI, you will see the following UI.

You can find all of the Citrix SDK library packages by using the search box in the upper right of the package reference dialog box

Once you have the Citrix packages listed, you can install them into your specific project by clicking on the “Install” button. By doing this any libraries referenced in the package will automatically get added to your project in the form of references. See screen shots below
Before the package was installed into the project

After the package was installed (Notice all correct references have been added)

Wrap Up

So all-in-all this is about making our SDK’s easier to install when you need them right in the environment that you are working in. Now what are you going to build with them? Why not let us know and we’ll feature them on the SDK Central site!

Video Tutorial

I have recently uploaded a video showing how to the use this NuGet to download some of our SDK’s
As always, send me your feedback. Is this something you’re interested in? Does it make writing with our SDK’s easier? You can ping me on twitter @johnmcbride or you can at john dot mcbride at citrix dot com and let me know!