What makes you use an SDK?

Is it that you have something specific for your current task? Are you researching a certain technology and you come across a related SDK? Do you set out to write something using a particular SDK to learn it (maybe you want to learn the technology so you break out the SDK as a way to learn)? I am always interested in how other developers come across or decide to use SDKs and that, in part, is what this post is about (and soliciting your feedback Take the survey linked below ).

As you know, we here at Citrix have a lot of SDK’s available for you to write applications on top of. In fact as many as 34 at my last count. Check out my previous blog post, Citrix, A Developer’s Platform for some more detail’s on that .

But this post is about something I have been working on lately related to SDK’s, training, labs, etc and am interested in your feedback! It is, in fact all, about getting more SDK information in front of you in the form of documentation, labs, tutorials in the tool or tools that you are probably using on a day to day basis. It’s not available yet but given the feedback I would like to make this available in the Visual Extension Gallery when it’s ready.

So lets get started with a little explanation. The goal with this tool, is to get Citrix SDK’s and tutorials easily accessible to you in a simple easy to walk through learning scenario.

The Walkthrough

The first step in the process is to create a new project from within Visual Studio (both express and higher versions)

Once you have the New Project window, you will see a new node (under the C# node) in the list entitled “Citrix SDK Hands On Labs”.

Under the Citrix SDK Hands On Labs, you will notice there are projects related to several SDK’s. This is intended on being expanded to included SDK’s were applicable. Each one having their own exercises to complete. The below screenshots show a netscaler hands on labs as well as the powershell SDK labs.

Once selecting the particular SDK and tutorial, you get a project that is tailored that specific SDK and exercise. The most interesting item here is that along with the project you also get the guidance document to walk you through the exercise with specific objectives for the exercise , the steps to complete the tutorials and guidance as to what constitutes a completion of an exercise.

So, as you can see, this makes the SDK’s and tutorials more accessible to you in your everyday development environment. An easy way to jump start working with our SDK’s!

So I am interested in your feedback, especially with this tool. Is this something you would use, would it help you identify more SDK’s to use? Let me know, by taking the quick survey here(4 questions ) and help define what this becomes.

As always, send me your feedback. You can ping me on twitter @johnmcbride or you can at john dot mcbride at citrix dot com