Citrix Ready Virtual Lab

Citrix Ready Virtual Lab is an online lab designed to allow Citrix Ecosystem partners easy access to an online lab environment to verify their products for the Citrix Ready program. The online lab environment offers a preconfigured Citrix lab environment that meets the requirements of select Citrix Ready Verifications.

Q: How to get an access to Citrix Ready Virtual Lab?

Ans: Existing Citrix Ready partners already have an access to our Citrix Ready Virtual Lab. If you are a Citrix Ready Partner and not able to login to our Citrix Ready Virtual, Please send an email to with you login ID, We will have it Verified.

Q: We are not a Citrix Ready partners, how can we get an access to the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab?

Ans: For Non Citrix Ready partners, send in your request to use the Virtual Lab to

Q: What Verification Test kits I can run through the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab?

Ans: You can run the Application Verification and Thin Client Verification (XenApp & XenDesktop) through our Citrix Ready Virtual Lab.

Q: Can I use Citrix Ready Virtual Lab to verify our Products/Solutions on XenApp 4.5 and XenApp 5.0?

Ans: Earlier we use provide Virtual Lab infrastructure on XenApp 4.5 and XenApp 5, Now We have upgraded our Citrix Ready Virtual Lab Infrastructure to XenApp 6, XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop 5.5.

Q: How does the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab helps in Verifying my Application?

Ans: We have 3 Environments running,

XenApp 6.0 Windows 2008 R2 64 Bit Architecture
XenApp 6.5 Windows 2008 R2 64 Bit Architecture
XenDesktop 5.5 Windows 2008 64 Bit Architecture

Each XenApp Environment consists of 3 Servers, 2 XenApp Servers and 1 Domain Controller. XenApp Servers are Configured and published a Test Application (Notepad) and each Servers Desktop. You can launch the Server Desktop and Install you own Application and publish it and run through the Test scenarios mentioned in the Application Verification test Kit.

XenDesktop Environment consist of 2 Servers, 1 Domain controller and 1 Desktop Delivery Controller and 2 Win 7 Clients (32bit).

Q: How does Citrix Ready Virtual Lab helps in verifying my Thin Client?

Ans: Login to WI of our Citrix Ready Virtual Lab, example: – from your Thin Client and we have published a Test Application (Notepad) run through the Test Scenarios mentioned in the IHV – Citrix XenApp Thin Client Test Kit/XenDesktop HDX Ready Test Kit.

Q: Do I have to install any Clients on my Thin Client or My Computer? Where to download the clients from?

Ans: Yes, you have to install the Citrix Receiver, We support all Platforms, and you can download Citrix Receiver from the link below.

Download Citrix Receiver

Q: How to create Test users to perform the Verification Test Kits?

Ans: The Credentials which are on the Dashboard are the Domain Admin Credentials, you can Remote Desktop to the Domain controller and create test users.

Q: What is the Domain name? Is it same for all environments?

Ans: Please refer below.

Environments Domain Name
XenApp 6 XA6CR
XenApp 6.5 XA65CR
XenDesktop 5.5 XDCR

Q: Do you have a Video showing how to use your Virtual lab?

Ans: Yes, Please vistit the link below

Citrix Ready Virtual Lab Video

Q: I can see a Server Desktop published which will give me an access to one Server, how to connect to Second Server?

Ans: There are 2 ways to connect to the Second Server

  • On XenApp 6/XenApp 6.5, Open Delivery Services Console/App Center – Expand Servers – Right Click on the Server you want to Connect – Other Tasks – Connect to Server – Connect Directly to Server’s Desktop.
  • Open Citrix Ready Virtual Lab dashboard, expand Virtual machine details, and connect through Remote Desktop to the Second Server through the IP Address mentioned.

Q: What is the availability of the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab and do we have an option to extend it?

Ans: The initial availability of our Citrix Ready Virtual Lab is 7 days (a week) and you can extend your Lab Environment up to 7 days (a week).

Q: As per the Verification Test Kit I have disabled the Logon on one of the Server, How do I enable it back?

Ans: You can Enable the Login through opening Delivery Services console/App Center on the other server, follow the screenshot

Expand the Servers – Right Click on the Server you want to Enable/Disable – Select other task – click on Disable/Enable Logon

Q: I have created the Test Users, However when I try to Launch the Applications I get a Terminal Services Error, how I configure to launch applications using domain user’s account?

Ans: Please add the Domain Users to the Remote Desktop Users Group on each XenApp Servers.

Q: What is ControlUP?

Ans: ControlUP is an advanced computer management and monitoring platform for simultaneously managing a large amount of Windows servers, workstations and user sessions. The platform consists of a console executable which aggregates performance data gathered from the managed computers in the enterprise.

Q: How to access ControlUP?

Ans: ControlUP is installed and pre-configured on XenApp Server on Citrix Ready Virtual Lab. ControlUP Management console can be accessed through list of Published applications.

Q: What are the uses of ControlUP Management console?

Ans: ControlUP is tailor-made for systems administrators and helpdesk personnel that overlook multi-user environments, in the Citrix Ready Virtual Lab, ControlUP can be used to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Connect to the lab servers desktop from a single pane
  • Get a real-time view of your application resource consumption on the XenApp servers
  • Configure relevant Registry keys, files and services using ControlUP computer actions

Q: Do I need username and password to access ControlUP Management console?

Ans: No, ControlUP is pre-configured on XenApp Server and it should not prompt for a username and password.

Q: Where can I download ControlUP management console?

Ans: ControlUP management console can be downloaded from here

Q: How to download a copy of my Application on Server Desktop?

Ans: There are 2 ways

  • The Server Desktop will map your Local client drives automatically and you can access your local client drives through My Computer and copy the installer.
  • The Lab has internet access, you can download the application from your website or from a FTP Source.

Q: I am unable to Login to Web Interface with the password I received through email or the password mentioned in the Dashboard.

Ans: We Apologize for the inconvenience, please cancel the environment and provision a new one.

Q: On XenApp or on XenDesktop the Windows is not activated. How to Activate Windows?

Ans: Windows should be Activated, however in some case it doesn’t, so please make sure the time zone is set to Central Time (US & Canada) and time is according to the time zone and click on Activate windows now.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any further information, please send in your request or your query to