Following on from my series of blogs in December last detailing the top 10 articles, whitepapers, hotfixes, presentations for 2010; due to popular demand see below the top 5 XenDesktop technical content for 2010.

Top 5 Technical Articles

Article Number Article Title
CTX123240 XenDesktop 4 Licensing FAQ
CTX118976 How to Configure XenDesktop to Function Properly Without an Organizational Unit in Active Directory
CTX123418 Error: The system could not log you on. Ensure that you entered your details correctly and try again
CTX122417 Using XenDesktop with Multiple Active Directory Forests
CTX118248 Citrix Presentation Server Licenses have been Renamed to Citrix XenApp

Top 5 Whitepapers Articles

Article Number Article Title
CTX124087 XenDesktop Modular Reference Architecture
CTX124799 User Profiles for XenApp and XenDesktop
CTX123684 Delivering 5000 Desktops with Citrix XenDesktop 4
CTX120760 XenDesktop – Design Handbook
CTX121478 Designing an Enterprise XenDesktop Solution

Top 5 Hotfixes

Article Number Article Title
CTX124280 Hotfix XDE400VDAWX86002 (Version 4.0.4534) – For Citrix XenDesktop 4.0 Virtual Desktop Agent x86
CTX126122 Delegated Administration and Configuration Logging Components – For XenDesktop 4 Service Pack 1
CTX124873 Hotfix XDE400VDAWX86003 (Version 4.0.4546) – For Citrix XenDesktop 4.0 Virtual Desktop Agent x86
CTX126119 Hotfix XDE400PM004 (Version 4.0.4553) – For Citrix XenDesktop 4.0 Pool Management
CTX126132 Hotfix XDE400VDAWX86004 (Version 4.0.5013) – For Citrix XenDesktop 4.0 Virtual Desktop Agent x86

Top 5 Presentations

Article Number Article Title
CTX123530 XenDesktop 4.0 Core Infrastructure and Features – GoToWebinar
CTX119102 TechEdge 2008 – Citrix XenDesktop Internals
CTX125180 Troubleshooting XenDesktop, Provisioning Services & XenServer Integration
CTX125177 TechEdge 2010 – Troubleshooting XenDesktop Deployments
CTX126981 XenApp and XenDesktop Authentication

Top 5 Forum Threads

Article Number Article Title
LINK Create catalog esx 4.1
LINK XenDesktop, Windows 7 and ThinClients!
LINK XD5 Windows 7 unable to re-connect
LINK XD5 & Xendesktop PVS Setup Wizard tool – Unable to find hosting providers
LINK Step by Step upgrade documentation needed.

Top 5 Videos

Video Link Video Title
LINK How To: Create a VM Template and Deploy using XenDesktop Wizard
LINK How To: Configure USB Support on XenDesktop
LINK How To: Enable Logging for the Desktop Delivery Controller and Virtual Desktop Agent
LINK How To: Modify Initial Client Drive Mapping in XenDesktop Environment
LINK How To: Configure ICA Packet Size in a XenDesktop Environment

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