For Virtualized Apps

As you can see from Chris Fleck’s post from CES, virtualized everything is here, delivered to any device, anywhere, anytime, using Citrix Receiver. A key component of that infrastructure, is the Citrix Receiver and Citrix Merchandising Server. Citrix Receiver for Windows, Receiver for Mac, and Merchandising Server are components of the Citrix Delivery Center solution. While Citrix Delivery Center provides the application delivery infrastructure to the IT administrator, Citrix Merchandising Server and Citrix Receiver for Windows work together to streamline the installation and management of application delivery to the user desktops. Merchandising Server provides the administrative interface for configuring, delivering, and upgrading plug-ins for your users’ computers.

The system consists of the Receiver application that is installed on your users’ computers, the Merchandising Server that is installed on a virtual machine in your data center, and the Citrix Update Service that is hosted on The Merchandising Server Administrator Console is the interface on the Merchandising Server that you use to configure plug-ins and schedule their delivery to your users. The Merchandising Server delivers the plug-ins and their installation instructions to your users on the scheduled date.

It guys often ask, how do I protect the Merchandising Server? The answer to that is by using the Citrix NetScaler to frontend the Receiver connections to the Merchandising Server. The Citrix NetScaler contains security policies to protect the Merchandising Server. We have created an NetScaler AppExpert Template for Merchandising Server. Just upload the AppExpert Template to your NetScaler VPX, tweak the policy for your domain/ip address scheme, and your are ready to start delivery apps out to your user base.

Download the NetScaler AppExpert Template for Merchandising Server here.

Download Citrx Receiver here.

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