Xen Apps from the Cloud

Whether you decide on Amazon EC2 or Amazon VPC, XenApp is easily deployed in the cloud. There has been alot of talk about cloud computing. There are believers and naysayers, but this is to be expected with any forefront technology. Whatever the talk is on the internet highway, one thing is clear. Cloud Computing makes sense, and we are now seeing companies take interest in XenApp in the cloud. Proof of Concepts are taking place. Questions are being answered. And from what I can see, there isn’t a problem we haven’t been able to solve. In fact, a couple of weeks ago we helped a customer get started on a XenApp POC for a large use base. For them, we also installed Secure Gateway so that https could be used into the Web Interface.

XenApp from your datacenter and XenApp from the cloud are really not that different. Building a XenApp farm in the cloud is just the same as building a XenApp farm in your datacenter, with a few tweaks. The steps for building a XenApp server in Amazon EC2 are outlined here.

I have personally built many POC’s and written them up for reference, they can be found here. Citrix is a leader in Cloud Computing, and we have blueprints to show for it. There are some blueprints here, and most of these have pre-built XenApp AMI’s that you can launch and apply your Citrix License to. The Microsoft Terminal Server license expires after 120 days, so let me know if any of these don’t launch.

Probably the first question to answer is does the customer want to build a XenApp farm in the public cloud (Amazon EC2) or the private cloud (Amazon VPC)? The public cloud XenApp servers can run Secure Gateway to protect the Web Interface with HTTPS. The VPC is protected by a VPN tunnel, which requires the use of a VPN appliance tunneling SSL connections back to your datacenter. Vyatta offers both IPSec and SSL VPN Tunneling to the cloud. OpenVPN has a solution that works with Vyatta.

The Citrix Community is powerful!