If there was any doubt that the consumerization of enterprise technology has gone prime time, look no further than this week’s CES show. Traditionally the big event for consumer gadgetry and entertainment, CES now also previews consumer devices that you can be sure we’ll soon be seeing in the workplace. Since the lines between personal and professional technology are increasingly blurring, it’s virtually impossible to separate enterprise from consumer devices. Maybe it’s time that the industry should start to view CES as not just the consumer electronics show, but also the consumer enterprise show – what do you think?

This isn’t crazy. Just look at the number of tablets and smartphones being announced this week at CES. Hundreds of new devices will be entering the market, and you know they’ll find their way into the enterprise. And why not? Citrix transforms virtually every device into a serious workplace tool by enabling them to safely and securely run Windows business applications (as I blogged about here). Additionally, at CES yesterday, our friends at Microsoft emphasized that “…You’ll be able to use Windows anywhere you go, from the small screen to the big screen …” (as reported by Wired’s Dylan Tweney, who covered Steve Ballmer’s keynote last night here). So, between the combined forces of Microsoft and Citrix, you can work and play from anywhere, from any device. We’ve got you covered.

And, I predict, that will include Smart TVs, one of the hottest trends at CES this year. It is easy to imagine the TV as an extension of the workplace. You’re sitting on the couch, the big game (or House, Grey’s Anatomy, or even a rerun of Lost) just ended, and you log on to your corporate network to process a little paperwork before your meeting tomorrow … safe, secure access to all your corporate applications and data, all through your Smart TV. 

This is the future of the consumer enterprise, where each new personal device is just another way to access the business world. This is workshifting, where the personal consumer meets the enterprise professional.

So, will next year’s CES be the Consumer Enterprise Show? Let me know if I’ll be seeing you there!