The frequency and magnitude of cyber crime continues to increase. Malware has not only become an important tool for criminals who steal data from organizations but has also become very sphisticated. Recent outbreaks (Zeus and Citrix – Is the Sky Falling?) how malicious software can intercept key strokes to steal user passwords, capture screen images, and upload all this data quietly to rogue servers.

Virtualized desktops and applications are one of the best ways to strongly secure and control data and intellectual property because data never leaves the data center. However, even in these types of deployments, you should factor device security into the overall solution.  As security is a top requirement for your IT organization, you should enforce end-point device security as part of your overall Citrix solution. 

That’s why we’re introducing a new endpoint analysis framework for Citrix Access Gateway through our partnership with OPSWAT – a leading provider for this technology – to help secure client devices before they connect to desktops, applications, and data. Delivered as a free add-on, this new framework provides a comprehensive set of more than 1000 endpoint scans to ensure client devices have up-to-date common security software such as anti-virus, personal firewalls, anti-phishing, and hard-drive encryption. The add-on will also scan for common malware and identify peer-to-peer software that might compromise the device.

For administrators, the new framework also simplifies the configuration of endpoint scanning policies by eliminating the need to manually specify the latest versions of signature files, thereby allowing devices to connect to your IT resources only if their security software is present, enabled and up-to-date.

The new enhanced endpoint analysis framework is now available for download. For more information, please sign in to your MyCitrix account.

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