Every once in a while I find and organization that not only provides a good model for business efficiencies, but also has an eye toward humanitarian efforts around the world.  Such is the case with Intecept IT, a Citrix Service Provider who puts their technology in motion for the those in need.

The following is an excerpt from a press release on the Intercept IT web site…

Intercept IT is proud to announce that it will again be partnering with the Aimar Foundation to supply 240 concurrent seats of its onlinedesktopTM hosted desktop solution to Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people, to support its work over the Christmas period.  Intercept first partnered with the Aimar Foundation for the Crisis at Christmas project in 2008.

Using the Cloud for altruism is not often spoken about but this is one example that needs to be highlighted.  It’s really great to see that technology can be used for the greater good.  Imagine how difficult a short term operation like this would have been using hard-wired approaches from the past.

Intercept is part of a core IT team brought together by the Aimar Foundation which includes thin client manufacturer IGEL, technology specialists SCC and key technologists, project managers and logistics specialists from Morgan Stanley. The project enables Crisis to offer essential IT services to its 8,000 volunteers over the Christmas period as well as providing Internet and computer access to the 2,500 expected homeless guests that can be used for writing letters and accessing valuable web resources for building a better life.

Bravo Intercept!  It’s an honor to have you in our partnership program and using our combined technologies to create opportunity where it might not otherwise have existed.