The last two days of the CXD-202 Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration beta class taught students how to deliver a single image to a large production environment, containing a mix of virtual and physical devices. Citrix Provisioning services can stream the same desktop image to virtual machines or directly to user devices. Students learned how to create a Provisioning services farm, build a virtual desktop image and stream that image to multiple virtual machines.  

Day 5 finished on an exciting note, with students learning about Citrix’s new client-side hypervisor, XenClient. The instructor explained how to configure the latest features, including Secure Application Sharing, which enables an end user to work mainly in one virtual machine while using applications running in other virtual machines without switching display focus. The day concluded with lab exercises on Synchronizer for XenClient, the centralized delivery system that can deploy, update, back up and secure virtual machines running on XenClient. 

Montreal Law Firm Infrastructure Analysts Philippe Dugas and Nelson Pires agreed that XenClient is the obvious choice for their mobile users: “Our users travel a lot, they go on trains, and sometimes they don’t have access to the internet. And they do work offline. We didn’t know what to find as a solution work around. But then we found out there was this XenClient option and that’s a great idea. For sure we will take that product.”

For additional student reaction to XenClient and the new XenDesktop 5 Administration course, view these behind-the-scenes clips from Days 4 and 5 of the beta class:

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