Citrix Support is focused on ensuring Customer and Partner satisfaction with our products.
One of our initiatives is to increase the ability of our Partners and Customers to leverage self-service avenues via our Knowledge Center.

Throughout 2010 I have been providing monthly blogs detailing the top support tools, below you can find the overall top support tools for the year.

Top 10 Support Tools

Article Number Article Title
CTX113472 Citrix ICA File Creator
CTX106226 Repair Clipboard Chain 2.0.1
CTX109374 StressPrinters 1.3.2 for 32-bit and 64-bit Platforms
CTX107935 MedEvac 2.5
CTX113554 CTX_CpsvcUser Re-creation Tool for 32-Bit and 64-Bit Versions of Presentation Server 4.5
CTX107136 Citrix Connection Test Tool
CTX112588 Dynamic USB Utility
CTX111464 CTX_SmaUser Re-creation Tool
CTX106232 DSView
CTX124949 Citrix Logoff Sessions 2.2

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