Citrix Receiver for iPad 4.2 introduced a number of great new features. This Citrix TV video walks through some of the highlights and may help users understand some of the new enhanced capability. 

To summarize the new feature set:

iOS Multitasking - Now fully supported, simply double clicking the home button will bounce a user out of the Citrix session and allow them to launch any local app like Safari. Double clicking again will show the Receiver in the open apps, click the icon to get back to a running session exactly where you left off.

On Screen trackpad - A new mode that displays a mouse on the screen and allows a user to move the mouse anywhere on the screen just as they would with a real trackpad. Then tap anywhere to left-click.

Simplified Gestures - The default now fits the screen automatically and allows vertical swipes to translate to scrolling and left/right swipes to left/right keystrokes. ( great for swiping through Powerpoints ). Other gestures include click & hold for right-click, 2 finger click for a magnifier pop-up and 3 fingers for keyboard pop-up and dismiss. 

Self-service enterprise apps - The new store interface makes it easy for users to select and favorite the apps they use most often as well as provide IT the ability to highlight featured apps. 

Web Interface support - Native Safari is now supported so users can now go to an existing company Citrix log-on page to access their authorized apps just as if they were connecting from a PC or laptop browser. ( Receiver still needs to be installed but not launched ) This support also means that IT may not need to make any server side modifications to enable authorized access.

Third-party authentication support - The Web Interface support also enables many additional authentication techniques and practices that companies already have in place.

Access Gateway 5 support - The 4.2 Release also support the recently released Access Gateway 5.

Enhanced video-out display - Applications running from Citrix Receiver can be displayed with projectors or on larger displays with the Apple VGA cable. Now the resolution is increased to 720P and a mouse is visible on the larger display. 

Bluetooth keyboard support - Receiver 4.2 now supports Bluetooth keyboards ( sorry no Bluetooth mouse, but you can use your iPhone as a Trackpad )

International keyboard support - The keyboard now allows local text entry and can support English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, and Spanish.

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