For the thousands of users that have bought an iPad only to be disappointed that they could not connect to their Citrix system at work due to server side configuration prerequisites, your wishes have been granted. The just released Receiver for iPad 4.2 now supports existing Web Interface ( 5.x) connections and in most cases without any IT configuration changes required. That means you can simply go to your companies Citrix logon page in Safari, enter the same credentials you usually use from a PC or laptop and you will be presented with the available virtual desktops or apps that IT has authorized. Just download the free Receiver and this should work fine, even if you use two factor Authentication like RSA, Safeword, or SMS passcode. This method also allows bookmarking and saving the logon page to the iPad home-screen.

So now you can take your iPad to Work and join the thousands of others that have joined the campaign.
The 4.2 release is full of new usability features as well, my favorite is the on-screen trackpad mode that makes the entire display an invisible virtual trackpad with an offset mouse pointer. This makes clicking on small features easy and reduces arm fatigue with extended use. In addition, the 4.2 Receiver includes a new app store interface that enables favoriting and featured IT apps that makes app selection and discovery a breeze.
So if your among the many that want to be more productive with Citrix Receiver on your iPad, download the latest version in the Apple AppStore and try it out. Also please let us know how it works, I suspect many previous users attempted access through their company Web Interface page only to be disappointed if they could not get access resulting in poor ratings in the app store. If it works for you now and your happy with it let others know in the ratings.
Of course we are not done, so if you have more requests and ideas for future releases share them in the comments.