When we started this journey we stated we would release often to allow the Citrix Community the opportunity for early feedback. In this vein I’m pleased to announce updates to our Technology Concept releases for Project GoldenGate and Citrix Labs Receiver.

The tablet wave is here and as such, one of the features in Project GoldenGate is support for tablet form factors. You can now browse your inbox whilst having the email displayed in a preview pane at the same time. Again, this is all automatic and is enabled based upon the screen size and resolution of the device.

We continue to flesh out the feature set and in parallel based upon your feedback we have simplified some features. A list of the key features in this release are;

  • Tablet support,
  • Tablet layout overwrite support in Settings,
  • Tablet layout rotation locking on tablets less than 9″ in screen size,
  • Unread Email Count added in GoldenGate,
  • Simplified follow up flagging in Email,
  • Confirmation for Email delete

In conjunction with the new version of Project GoldenGate, the Citrix Labs Receiver has also been updated to align with the feature set in Project GoldenGate;

  • Tablet support,
  • Replacing the Citrix Logon Status Bar with Lab Receiver Status Bar,
  • Minor usability enhancements and software fixes.

Please continue to provide your valuable feedback on our forum or via email.