As many companies are advancing iPad projects from pilots to production, Citrix has stepped up with the release of the next generation Citrix Receiver for iPad 4.2 . For users this update provides significant improvements in user experience including an on screen trackpad, enhanced scrolling gestures and iOS multitasking support. For IT Receiver now supports Web Interface and additional authentication options so that means deployments just got easier and may not require any configuration changes at all to XenApp or Access Gateway. Plus in addition the security guys can enforce corporate policies without making exceptions; they already feel safer that the data never gets to the device in the first place.

With Receiver 4.2 the real winners are the business managers and professionals. Happy employees are productive employees and with the added the mobility, a Receiver equipped iPad user can respond faster to customers or address issues in real time and they don’t mind doing it. In fact most iPad users that do have access to work applications acknowledge they are more productive and, with the additional flexibility, they in fact work more hours. The ability to access full Windows 7 virtual desktops with Office 2010 with zero compatibility issues is a productivity enhancer all by itself. Our early adopters have also confirmed they are pleased with the results. Doctors are making better and faster decisions because patient records are instantly accessible. Lawyers have access to every contract and document when they need it; Sales reps are doing great demos and providing instant quotes. The list of examples goes on. Many of the organizations that have had successful pilots in 2010 are now about to deploy iPads in the thousands and likely tens of thousands in 2011. If your organization is considering supporting Tablets to satisfy users and increase productivity you may want to start your plans for a 2011 pilot now.

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