Last week, I posted a blog announcing the release of XenApp 6 Fundamentals Edition. One reason I’m very excited about this release is the support for High Definition eXperience (HDX) features. If you regularly follow Citrix and XenApp, you may have already seen some of these features mentioned for other editions of XenApp 6. In this blog, I want to highlight the HDX features introduced in XenApp 6 Fundamentals edition and their common use cases. Then, if you want more information about a particular HDX feature, simply click on the URLs to learn more from an earlier blog and resources.

HDX Plug-n-Play for USB storage – USB storage devices are extremely popular amongst users/employees. These storage devices are relatively inexpensive and extremely portable, making them an essential business tool for any mobile employee. HDX Plug-n-Play USB storage delivers a much more intuitive experience to end users. With earlier versions of XenApp Fundamentals (2.0 and 3.0), users would need to remember to plug-in their USB storage device before starting the application session in XenApp Fundamentals. That’s no longer the case in XenApp 6 Fundamentals. Users can plug-in these USB storage at any time, and XenApp dynamically maps the device for the user.

HDX MediaStream for Flash – This feature leverages resources available on the end user’s Windows device to process and render the Flash content. This, effectively, frees up resources from your server, and at the same time, deliver the same experience users are accustomed to (no more video-audio getting out of sync or video jitter).

HDX Plug-n-Play for Windows portable USB devices – this feature enables users to plug-in their USB devices, including headset, microphone, webcam, scanners, etc and seamlessly access these devices from their XenApp Fundamentals delivered application – just as users expect.

*HDX RealTime Audio – Regardless if it is voice chat via softphone, company communication or Outlook reminder chimes, audio is an integral part of users’ day-to-day work function. XenApp 6 Fundamentals is the first release for small businesses with enhanced audio support. With the new optimized for speech codec, HDX RealTime Audio delivers clear audio quality while requiring modest bandwidth (up to 90% less bandwidth requirements in some scenarios).

HDX RealTime Collaboration – when used in conjunction with HDX RealTime Audio and HDX Plug-n-Play for Windows portable devices, HDX RealTime Collaboration enables users ability to collaborate using applications like Microsoft Office Communication Service (OCS) delivered with XenApp 6. Administrators can deliver OCS using XenApp Fundamentals, where users can instant message, voice chat and even video conference using USB-based headsets and webcams.

With HDX technologies from Citrix, XenApp ensures a seamless and high performance user experience over any network. You can learn more about these HDX features by visiting:

Another new feature introduced in XenApp 6 Fundamentals Edition is turn-key support for Citrix Receiver running on popular smartphones and tablets. Later this week, we’ll have a blog covering how to deliver Windows applications to smartphones and tablets using XenApp 6 Fundamentals edition. Stay tuned.

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