Last month it was standing-room only in the beta class for Citrix Education’s latest XenDesktop 5 training. CXD-202 Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration is a new 5-day course that prepares students to centralize and manage desktops in the datacenter and deliver them as a service to users anywhere.

In addition to combining XenDesktop, XenServer and Provisioning services training in a seamless deliverable, CXD-202 takes advantage of new features available in XenDesktop 5 to bring a new classroom and lab experience to students. Thanks to the Quick Deploy feature, which streamlines the XenDesktop configuration process for proof-of-concept or small production environments, students delivered a virtual desktop before lunch on the first day of class. 

According to beta student Jim Dirkes, Sr. Systems Engineer – Medical University of South Carolina, “I think one of the things that 5.0 gives us that 4 didn’t have was that this takes that small business to the intermediate level. Quick Deploy is great…everything is self-contained and you can basically set up one controller and run an entire environment from there.”

For additional student reaction to Quick Deploy and the new XenDesktop 5 Administration course, view these behind-the-scenes clips from Day 1 of the beta class:


Check back next week for highlights from Days 2 and 3!