On a flight back from Montreal on Delta Airlines this is the message I got when accessing the Internet…

Well you can imagine my surprise to find out that the Internet is not only unavailable, but in fact is FULL.

It’s truly amazing to me that in fact one can access the Internet while moving at 500 mph screaming through the sky at 30,000 feet.  But it also goes to show that Service Level Agreements (SLA) are as important today as they ever were.  Imagine for a second your company had an end-of-the-month delivery that relied heavily on your ability to access the web.  You were at the last hours of your deadline and you logged on to see this message pop up.  Wow!  That might ruin your whole day.

Now I know that Delta Airlines is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in their own right and that this is actually a secondary service they provide for those road-warriors that can’t seem to live without a connection for a 4 hour flight.  But the reality is that more and more we are finding we need Internet based services to run and maintain our business.  In fact, I will have to say that Delta is one of the few airlines who is moving progressively toward a Cloud based ticketing system inclusive of an iPhone app that allows you to download your e-ticket directly to your iPhone and use it at the gate to scan onto the plane.

As a final word this holiday season, be careful you last-minute purveyors of the Internet.  You may find at the 11th hour you can’t do what you need to because, well… the Internet is FULL