Try XenApp for free from the Application Delivery Cloud

I previously posted the steps to prepare your own XenApp server in the Cloud. Having gone through the process of creating additional servers in the cloud for my lab, I figured I would create some and make them publicly available for you to try. If there is an application you want streamed from the cloud to your device, comment, and I will do my best to get it loaded onto the server. Whether you are located in the Americas, Europe or Asia Pacific, Amazon has a platform for you, and Citrix has a XenApp Application Delivery Cloud waiting your use.

The Citrix Cloud Center (C3) is an integrated portfolio of Citrix delivery infrastructure products packaged and marketed to the cloud service provider market. C3 integrates cloud proven virtualization and networking products that power many of today’s largest Internet and Web service providers.

Citrix C3 is designed to give cloud providers a complete set of service delivery infrastructure building blocks for hosting, managing and delivering cloud-based computing services. C3 includes a reference architecture that combines the individual capabilities of several Citrix product lines to offer a powerful, dynamic, secure and highly available service-based infrastructure ideally suited to large-scale, on-demand delivery of both IT infrastructure and application services.

AMI ID Bucket AMI Filename Credentials Platform Region
ami-363bcd5f 519701941432 Citrix_XenApp5.0_W2K8_32bit_(version) user:Administrator
W2K8 Americas
ami-73c3f607 519701941432 Citrix_XenApp5.0_W2K8_32bit_EU_EN_(version) user:Administrator
W2K8 Europe
ami-44562816 519701941432 Citrix_XenApp5.0_W2K8_32bit_AP_EN_(version) user:Administrator
W2K8 Asia Pacific

More Citrix AMI’s can be found here.

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